Beauty Aesthetic: UK/Scottish Makeup and Beauty Blog: About


This page will let you know a little more about ourselves, how we met and what we do!
We’re Lisa (26) and Sami (25), two fashion graduates from Glasgow, Scotland.  We met on the first day of uni in 2009 when we were introduced by Sami’s brother who is a friend of Lisa’s and we’ve been friends ever since. 
We started Beauty Aesthetic in May 2011 when we realised we both had a strong love for cosmetics, enjoyed writing and reading numerous fashion and beauty blogs.  We wanted to be a part of the growing beauty community and we’ve come a long way since we started.
Through blogging we’ve had so many amazing opportunities and had a chance to meet so many lovely people and talk to the people behind brands we love and be introduced to new ones.
Beauty Aesthetic gives us a chance to share our views with beauty lovers and consumers on cosmetics we have tried out, giving us an outlet to share experiences we go through at this point in our life and to speak to so many people who have the same interests as us.
If you would like to know something about us to include in our about page, contact us!